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About MyBioGate

At MyBioGate, our mission is to connect China and the world in healthcare innovation. We help top Chinese pharmaceutical, medical device companies and CROs connect with partners and clients worldwide through our flagship partnering conference China Focus (events.mybiogate.com); we help industry parks such as Suzhou Industry Park (SIP) build top-tier life science clusters; we also operate a life science innovation center in the Texas Medical Center. In the past 8 weeks, we have hosted 25 online project pitches selected from 300+ projects covering therapeutics, vaccines, diagnostics, and medical devices and gathered 5000+ industry professionals to help China deal with coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Now that China is moving out of the most difficult period, we feel obligated to help other countries that are combating the virus.

The MyBioGate Global COVID-19 Resource Platform has been established to quickly and efficiently find reliable medically-related supplies from around the world. Additionally, we provide professional knowledge and experience on preventing and controlling the epidemic to medical institutions, governments, suppliers and healthcare workers. Our goal is to help control the global epidemic, assist people in helping each other and help humankind win the fight against the epidemic.

Our colleagues from Beijing, Xi’an, Nanjing, Helsinki and Houston have teamed up to source high-quality coronavirus medical supplies from China and help the countries get the supplies they need. Together with WeDoctor, we have launched the online “Global Consultation and Prevention Center (GCPC)”. Experienced Chinese doctors are now available 24/7 for people around the world, FOR FREE.

Join forces, fight coronavirus disease (COVID-19)!


We have recently received numerous inquiries on sourcing medical supplies from China to fight the coronavirus. Currently, more than 200 top-tier medical device and supply manufacturers with over 4,000 CE and FDA-approved branches have been added to our list of trusted suppliers. Listed below are some of the most in-demand coronavirus medical products. If you are in need of any of the products below, please reach out to us.

Knowledge & Experience

Advantages of an Online Roadshow Amid the Pandemic

No one could have predicted how totally and completely, the world would change when the coronavirus started to spread. While many people could see how it could become the pandemic that it has become, the way it has completely...

Successful Case

Lithuanian government Procurement

Lithuanian government Procurement

The Health Emergency Situations Centre of the Ministry of Health of Lithuania reached out to MyBioGate, and requested anti-epidemic medical supplies and devices.  The Mybiogate team responded immediately. Under the urgent circumstances, everything moved at exceptional, wartime speed:

  • Exact demand was clarified on Thursday
  • Our team in 6 cities, in China, the United States, Europe responded immediately, coordinated multiple parties to work 24/7.
  • In 4 days, 96 hours, we mobilized anti-epidemic medical supplies in 11 cities.
  • Under the extreme short time and high market demand situation, we mobilized 383 different models of ventilators over the weekend
  • Products were sent to the airport on Sunday and exported smoothly.

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