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The world changed when the coronavirus went international. There is no country, no industry, that hasn’t been affected. While some countries have responded slowly, others have ramped up their efforts and investment in healthcare. This is especially true in China, where the first reported instances of the new coronavirus originated.

Early into the pandemic, videos circulated online of China rapidly building entire hospitals to meet the needs of its citizens and to help contain the virus. Now, multiple vaccines are being developed in the country, along with possible treatments and innovations for how to treat not just this coronavirus, but all pandemics in the future, as well.

COVID-19 has changed the world, and it is now changing the way we think about healthcare and healthcare investment. While many changes have been happening, there is one major development in China’s healthcare investment that investors should notice: the increased public support and government funds heading to public health.

Public Health is Getting Renewed Attention

While this is true around the world, China has experienced a sharp increase in public support for more robust healthcare systems, particularly in a public capacity. As the world’s largest country by population, China requires massive overhauls and changes in order to provide top-level care to its citizens. The pandemic highlighted many triumphs for China while exposing some areas that need improving.

Much of the focused investment in China right now in response to the pandemic and the public outcry for improved healthcare focuses on COVID-19. This includes the hospitals mentioned above, as well as dedicated schools, policies, and, most significantly, investment.

The Next Opportunity for Healthcare Investment is in China

While many investors around the world understand that China is a hotbed for healthcare research and innovation, few understand the impact the coronavirus is having in kickstarting more investment. Opportunities for research and development, infrastructure changes, and more are becoming increasingly available. The chances to work on products and services that could revolutionize healthcare around the world are only increasing in China, and now is the time to invest.

Whether your own healthcare innovation is related to the current pandemic or not, there is ample opportunity to learn more about how China could be the place where you find success. Not only does the increased support for healthcare expenditures means there is more opportunity, but there is also more money available to make the most of an investment in China and healthcare.

Get Help from the Experts

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