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No one could have predicted how totally and completely, the world would change when the coronavirus started to spread. While many people could see how it could become the pandemic that it has become, the way it has completely changed the world and how we operate is unprecedented. And yet, we also see ingenuity and innovation, making things better.

One of the major ways that this is happening is through online meetings and conventions. Here are just a few of the benefits that come with an online roadshow during the pandemic.

A Place Where Everyone can Speak

Think of your average pre-pandemic convention. Usually, people would attend a few panel discussions, a few choice people would be able to ask questions, and then you would head to the next panel. The opportunity to interact with the panelists was either limited or out of reach. For example, they may all meet up at a hotel bar in the evening, but you are at a different hotel. Or they take questions, but ones submitted before the panel.

A virtual roadshow panel has the chance to create engagement where it was difficult before. This can be done through breakout rooms on meetings, giving people smaller virtual spaces to have in-depth discussions. Or it can be done through question periods where people can answer questions in chat functions and respond to common questions live. Either way, your engagement increases, and you give more space for more people to participate.

Increase Your Numbers

Before the pandemic, your convention was limited by venue size and geography. Yes, people were beaming in from around the world, but it was always a sideshow to the main, in-person, and live events. Now, virtual is the only option, and it is letting more people attend more events around the world.

Truly, why should someone’s home address limit them from attending a convention or roadshow? A virtual roadshow lets anyone attend. That means more people in general and more people from the global community.

Hear the Latest

When the pandemic started, information was coming so fast that things were changing dramatically minute-by-minute. This has created a situation where the most pertinent information is often irrelevant extremely quickly. A virtual roadshow lets the best minds come together more often and from more places, meaning they can build off the latest information more easily. That means more relevant experiences and a more productive event.

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