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FDA EUA, Surgical Gown

  • Disposable, single use only
  • Certificate: FDA authorized, CE certified,
  • Material: 25-70g SMS nonwoven
  • Sterile
  • Style: Long sleeve, Round neck, Adjustable Hook-and-loop Neckline Closure, Knit Cuff or Elastic Cuff
  • MOQ: 50,000pcs
  • Place of Origin: China




Please note, we work with multiple selected manufacturers to ensure quality and speed of delivery.  As a result, depending on the manufacturer when you place order, the look of the products may vary from the website listing.  Please always communicate with our sales representative if these are of concerns, and select the one that suits you.  Here are some of the varieties:

  1. Designmay vary:
    1. Neck design: Tie on VS. magic tap hook & loop at neck
    2. Cuff design: elastic VS. knitted cuffs
    3. Waist: tie-on VS. belts

2.Material may vary: 25 to 70g SMS non-woven, please be sure to clarify your request.  Our standard default is 45g SMS nonwoven material.

3.Color may vary, some of the common colors are blue, dark blue, green and white.

Why work with us

We have long term working relationship with many manufacturers

All our personal protective clothing is FDA EUA authorized, can be used in the hospitals as per CDC instructions

Our staff visited all the manufacturers, conduct due diligence to ensure quality delivery

We’ve spent the time to hand-pick reliable, “white-listed” companies, to save your time and mitigate your risks

Find all selected, reliable, and qualified anti-epidemic products through us so you don’t have to look everywhere

Purchase message

  • Our Min. Order quantity: PPE/Testing kits- 10,000pcs, medical equipment: 1-10 sets, depend on model