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Neonatal Incubator

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When incubator meets monitor Love drives technology
Comen neonatal incubator provides An ideal environment for natural and peaceful healing While fostering a close bond between families and their babies By allowing them to be present for every step of the journey Previously, incubator and patient monitor works separately Now Comen integrated monitoring with nurturing A safer and more effective incubator with powerful function, Artistic experience, and easy operation is now introduced to the world Additionally, physicians have improved access to their smallest patients, Which gives them a better chance at providing successful treatment The very first time around
A deeper love
We do all we can to protect newborns. Not only do we simulate the maternal environment, but we also improve the accuracy of temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration. We also take advantage of our expertise in monitoring. Combined with the self-rescue apnea function, B8 infant monitoring incubator demonstrates our pursuit for professionalism and perfection.
Temperature Control Technology
  • Variable resistive heating technology
  • Adopt the resistive double heating tube, double fin radiator, and temperature control system to work in time-sharing, which realizes fast heating speed, shortened heating time and small temperature fluctuations to create a stable and warm environment for infants.
  • Air circulation system
  • Symmetrical double air inlet and double air outlet design Uniform temperature and humidity inside the incubator
Humidity control technology
Oxygen concentration control technology
  •  Servo oxygen supply
  • The closed-loop feedback control is achieved through air-oxygen ratio calculation and oxygen concentration measurement.
  • One button oxygen concentration calibration
  • Oxygen concentration detection accuracy is up to ±2%.
  • The industry's first perfect combination of neonatal incubator and neonatal monitoring
It's not just a baby incubator
The B8 monitoring system is built specifically for newborns and features ExNeo® ECG technology, Adap-DSP® NIBP technology, Masimo SpO2, self-rescue apnea technology, biocompatibility-tested accessories for newborns, and more.

Ingenuity serves benevolence, all for love.
Ingenuity shines at every part of the equipment, think from the perspective of healthcare providers To help reduce their workload Improve treatment effectiveness And avoid surgical risks
  • Electric adjustable bed
    Foot pedal and touch screen dual control to provide the right bed height for healthcare workers of different heights.
  • Electric tilting mattress
    Abandons manual adjustment knob and realizes one button control through the touch screen, which enables easy operation
3-step disassembly, no dead corner for cleaning
Disassembly by hand requires only 3 steps, the smallest number of procedures among similar products, which greatly reduces the workload of medical personnel.
No dead corners, clean and disinfect thoroughly, reduce the incidence of hospital infection.
Mute damping door
Rotating shock-absorbing design, door drops down gently and quietly without hand grips
Convenient and user-friendly
12.1" LED backlit touch screen with shuttle and touch dual control and key backlight.
Screen slide design, can be slid left or right and tilted up or down for easy viewing.

Purchase message

  • Our Min. Order quantity: PPE/Testing kits- 10,000pcs, medical equipment: 1-10 sets, depend on model