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Our team

MyBioGate partners with innovative healthcare and medical companies to help them obtain funding from China, discover market opportunities in China, and form partnership with Chinese companies. We work with innovative companies to identify, advance, and achieve their goals with proper investment and guidance.

Our multi-cultural team in U.S. and overseas works to empower innovators with the right financial, regulatory, and marketing resources. We help innovation succeed beyond national borders.

Miao Guo Smith, MBA

VP, Operations

Ms. Miao Guo Smith oversees the Operations and Marketing at MyBioGate.  She also oversees both English and Chinese MyBioGate China Focus platform branding and promotion, and is also the backbone of our products team.  Miao has 10 years of experience in product development, marketing and operations.

Tara Tian

VP, Content

Ms. Tian has 10 years of experience in management consulting and industry research. Ms. Tian graduated from Beijing University of Technology with a Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Economics.

Youwen Dai

BD Director

Mr. Dai develops and cultivates investor and partner relationships in China, and provides assistance for overseas projects to enter the Chinese market. Mr. Dai has a rich experience in Chinese and international biopharma business Business Development and Sales Channel development.

Dr. Ginger Ding

Director, Investment Analyst

Dr. Ding serves as Project Manager of the MyBioGate Investment team. She has a 10-year track record in biomedical research. She was an awardee of Susan G. Komen grant in support of her pre-clinical studies.

Wei Ji

Director, Marketing

Wei has 17 years of work experience in the healthcare industry. Wei has served over 20 top tier biopharma companies in China. He has published more than 200,000 words of brand communication, pharmaceutical market analysis related articles, his book “Breakthrough: Marketing with Core Forces” is highly popular in Chinese pharma industry marketing field.

Wenjie xu

Investment Manager

Mr. Xu serves as Investment Manager of the Mybiogate Investment team. He helps innovative projects collaborate with Chinese investors including Industry Parks with government background and top healthcare enterprises.

Handsun Sun

Key Account Director

Handsun has over 12 years of experience in Branding, Marketintg & Sales in the global market. He has served as Director for Rigol, VP for Grandar and Yeahmobi. Successfully helped Rigol and Grandar to build global branches from 0. He also is a serial entrepreneur, has built up 2 startup, Edujoypay and Everest Bloackchain in Educational Financial and Blockchain erea. He graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University.

Larry Li

Key Account Manager

Larry has 10 years of working experience on product development, marketing on home appliance products as well as digital marketing field. Prior to joining MyBioGate, he served as a product marketing manager at Midea, launched multiple product portfolios in global markets and as well VAS affiliate team leader in Yeahmobi. Larry received his bachelor degree on Information and System from Tianjin Foreign Studies University

Suzanne Fergusion 

Program Manager

Suzanne Ferguson is the Program Manager at CUBIO Innovation Center, a coworking space in Houston, Texas’ Medical District. While her regular duties involve day-to-day management of the office and event organization, currently she’s assisting MyBiogate with contacting hospitals within the U.S. as well as providing language guidance for public outreach materials.

Feier Chen

Manager of Marketing

Feier possessing years of experience in multiplatform marketing work, proficient in strategy generation and content creation. Have a successful record of growing follower, community base, and leads generation. She in charge of MyBioGate’s outreach material writing, SEO and SEM execution.

Kenneth Liu

Head of Sales, Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Living in both London and Berlin, Kenneth is leading sales teams in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for more than 4 years. With diversified culture background, Kenneth built solid relationships with thousands of western clients in high technology area. Before moving to Europe, Kenneth worked in China at NetEase, one of the biggest internet company as a marketing manager. He has rich experience of both west and east markets..

Mahbub Alqarni

Assistant Business Development

Mahbub is responsible for Mybiogate Middle-East business development and client services. Mahbub studied in Tabuk College of Technology in Saudi Arabia, and graduated from Texas A&M University Kingsville campus.

Shuangshuang Xia

Medical Writer

Mrs. Xia serves as a medical writer by translating, editing and/or writing most updated biopharma news around the world. She also provides some more insightful articles in the biopharma area.

Catherine Shao

Research Associate

Miss Shao is a PhD candidate at Baylor College of Medicine. With her unique background, she thoroughly collects outstanding healthcare projects for Chinese investors.

Vincent Zhao

Marketing Manager, China

Vincent has over 5 years of digital marketing experience in healthcare products, consumer goods, female and children’s products. Vincent is expert in content marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and community referral marketing. Vincent received his Master’s Degree from Ningxia University, and Bachelor’s Degree from Southwest University for Nationalities.