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“WeDoctor Global Consultation and Prevention Center” is Online

The coronavirus situation in China is quite under control as a result of joint efforts from the whole country for almost two months. However lately this epidemic is rapidly spreading abroad evolved into a global pandemic. WeDoctor, who successfully built an anti-COVID-19 “online battlefield” in China during the outbreak and helped tens of thousands of people in Wuhan, Hubei, is now launching online “Global Consultation and Prevention Center (GCPC)”. Free services from domestic doctors are now available 24/7 for people all around the world. We sincerely hope that you will join us in fighting this global epidemic and protecting the ones we love and care.

WeDoctor and WeDoctor Online Hospital

As a leading international digital health platform, WeDoctor built up the Wuzhen Online Hospital in 2015, which was the first online hospital in China. By now, WeDoctor has been connected with more than 3,200 hospitals, 360,000 doctors and 7,400 expert teams nationwide, owns 12 medical institutions and 21 provincial or municipal online hospitals in China. WeDoctor created a series of integrated innovation models such as online diagnosis, remote consultation and online medical insurance. Consequently WeDoctor received investment from Tencent, Fosun Pharma, Morningside Venture Capital, American International Assurance and other well-known institutions. In 2019, WeDoctor achieved the 1st place of top 150 international digital health ranking published by the famous American intelligence unit CB Insights.

WeDoctor’s experience in anti-COVID-19

At the beginning of 2020, WeDoctor assembled an elite troop and established an anti-COVID-19 “online battlefield” to assist Wuhan, as well as serving the whole country and overseas. On January 23rd, WeDoctor Online Hospital launched the “COVID-19 Realtime Assistance” platform to provide free online diagnosis, remote consultation, suspicious case reporting, psychological counseling, prevention guidelines and materials allocation services for the whole country. In Wuhan, the city was seriously hit by the infection, Ms. Leng eagerly needed continuous medication after her malignant tumor surgery and had faced medicine-lack for 40 days. Thankfully she received her further consultation and life-saving medicines by using WeDoctor online platform. As she said “WeDoctor saved my life”, there are more than 400,000 critical patients of chronic disease who are just the same as Ms. Leng. They are now frequently using the online hospital and their medicine purchasing issues have been mitigated effectively. So far, WeDoctor has served more than 1.6 million person-time, relieved offline medical treatment pressure, avoided cross infection and become the “online main force” to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic in Wuhan. WeDoctor platform is highly recognized and supported by the National Health Commission and the National Healthcare Security Administration.

An invitation to co-fight against COVID-19

The overseas epidemic is getting vitally worse. WeDoctor launched “Global Consultation and Prevention Center (GCPC)” on 14th March 2020. The WeDoctor GCPC provides real-time assistance such as online consultation, psychological assistance, TCM consultation, prevention guidelines and real-time infection data reporting. So far, the WeDoctor GCPC is recommended by 99 Chinese overseas embassies and 65 Chinese consulates. It has served over 150 countries such as the USA, the UK, Italy more than 3 million people.

WeDoctor is sincerely looking forward to cooperating with you to extend our GCPC service to the world, therefore helping people overseas as soon as possible.

WeDoctor is willing to open our technology and service capability to develop exclusive entrance which could be embedded in APP, Sina Weibo, Twitter or Facebook, so as to provide users relevant services. Meanwhile, WeDoctor also sincerely expects our potential partners could promote the WeDoctor GCPC through one’s official websites, official account in Twitter, Facebook and other public channels.

WeDoctor sincerely look forward more government agencies, institutions, media, enterprises and platforms work together to fight against the COVID-19. WeDoctor is commit to doing something protect the health of overseas Chinese and friends.

WeDoctor Online Hospital

WeDoctor Holdings Limited

March 19th, 2020